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Womens Accessories Trends For Summer

Shoes worn over pants - Believe it or not, shoes over pants are one of the hottest accessory trends this summer. Strut your stuff in loose fitting, flowing pants, and feel free to pair then with strappy sandals. Show off the straps right over the pants, creating a streamlined, tapered look.

Purple shoes - Along with the shoes over pants look, don't be afraid to go daring with your footwear. Purple shoes are all the rage this summer, from sneakers to pumps. Coordinate your outfit with your purple shoes, or be bold and go for a purposeful clash.

Bucket hats - The 90's are back and in style once again. Bucket hats appear to be a trend that's here for the long haul. Whether you go casual and wear a bucket hat while you're lounging on the beach, or dress one up for a chic night sipping wine at an outdoor cafe, this versatile style is perfect for keeping your face safe from the sun.

Tiny bags - While these bags aren't the most functional, they're certainly the most stylish. A tiny bag can hold your ID, your phone, and not much else, but it's the perfect way to compliment your outfit for a fancy dinner out or a night on the town.

If you're on the hunt for the perfect accessories for this summer, we're here to help. Browse our shop online and reach out to us if you have an idea for something you'd like to see us carry.

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